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December 30, 2008
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My first-ever completed film, originally submitted to Newgrounds about a week ago (I didn't think it's worth the effort to change the preloader at the start, sorry...). The music is "Rain in the Night" by MJTTOMB, and licensed under this CC license.

It is about a young boy who dreams of journeying in Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Some of the scenes are quite dark, so it is best viewed in dim or no light. Oh, and you probably need a fast computer for it to play smoothly...

Happy holidays!

Please vote for it on Newgrounds, by the way. I don't think I have much of a chance of winning their contest, but hey, you never know.


A few more words:

I started it last December, missed the deadline last year, but did manage to make it in time for this year (it was about 1.5-2 months of work in total). In the process, I learned two programs from scratch, ArtRage (a fantastic program which all the artwork was painted in) and Flash MX (yes, I had an 8-year-old version of Flash lying around... it did the job well, I don't need anything newer)

Regarding the technique, there were almost no vectors used here; all the art was digitally painted in ArtRage, then saved as either GIFs or PNGs (where gradient transparency was needed), then imported into Flash, made into movieclips, and animated either with motion or gradient tweens, or frame-by-frame (as in the reindeer run cycle).

Further technical info (in case anyone's interested):
Painting technique explanation
Snow actionscript (I spent the final two days being entirely frustrated with actionscript, since I was trying to do something a bit complicated and didn't know a thing about it)

It was painted with a UC-Logic PF1209-PRO tablet.
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i like the kitty's ear flicker :D i have no place to do negative critiqueing since i know i can do no better than this :D it is totally amazing. i admire this alot ^^
that kid looks so screwed up, but its still pretty cool.
:jawdrop: Oh, that's amazing! Wow. Just wow. I can see so much effort went into this. Wow.
Not all that much, just 1.5-2 months of actual work on it. I made it small to be sure that I could actually finish it.

I'll start work on my next one soon, which will be a collab with some other people. I think it'll be Newgrounds-exclusive, though, because it's timed to a copyrighted piece of music, which is fine on NG but impossible on DA.

But really, DeviantArt isn't the best way to get things noticed, I think. I was just as unknown on Newgrounds as on DeviantArt, yet this got over 8000 views on Newgrounds and all of 18 on DA. I submit here more out of a sake of tradition (and because I know a few people who follow me here) than anything.

Thanks for always being around to comment, by the way. :)
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